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Scott Matthews(non-registered)
Second expirience here now & can I just say the team are amazing, very comforting ensuring you are safe at every moment, the equiptment is all well cared for & looked after.
The jump itself is so thrilling, this time I went backwards which changed the whole expirience up you feel like you have less control but in a really exciting way, if you have never bunjeed before these guys are the best at keeping you motivated & confident enough to just go for it! I also did the swing which is my favourite part of it so much fun, longer free fall then the swing glides you accross the length of the bridge, never felt a free falling expirience like it before & the views while your swinging iarejust stunning!

Great work team! Look forward to seeing you's again next time I come!

All in all the perfect day out for any adreniline junkie! I shall be returning very soon! :)
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